“From Wind Farm toWindmill”, A Famous French Host Takes You to Visit CGNEE ASSAC Wind Farm – CGN Holds Visual Wind Farm Open Day in France

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On July 12, CGN Europe Energy (hereinafter referred as CGNEE), a subsidiary of CGN Group (hereinafter referred as CGN), held a Visual Wind Farm Open Day at Assac Wind Farm in southern France. The event will be broadcast on BFM TV, France's largest TV news station with 12 million viewers, in prime time every night in the next two weeks. The broadcast time is 21:02 on July 12, 20:59 on July 13, 21:40 on July 14, 20:57 on July 15, 21:10 on July 16, 21:02 on July 19, 21:40 on July 20, 21:12 on July 21, 21:40 on July 22 and 21:02 on July 23.

With the theme of "From Wind Farm to Windmill", the visual open day is hosted by Charlotte Bouteloup, a famous cultural and tourism program host of French TV station. With 250 local primary school students, Myriam Vigroux, Mayor of Assac Town, surrounding farmers and engineers of CGNEE, the day allows everyone to wander in the historical process of "From Wind Farm to Windmill" and to have an immersive experience the changes that wind energy brings to citizens and this town.

Charlotte and the pupils first listened to Gregoire De Grendre, from Engineering and O&M Department of CGNEE, explaining the knowledge of Assac wind farm. "The 10 wind turbines at Assac wind farm are 85 meters high and each blade is 45 meters long. They will generate 30,000 MWh in 2020, which is equivalent to providing electricity for 6500 households or 14,000 people. " he said.

The students also asked many interesting questions, "Why is the electricity generated by wind turbines called green energy?" "How was the wind turbine set up?" Gregoire patiently explained how green energy can contribute to ecological environment and the process of wind turbine construction. After the visit, the pupils told Charlotte, "Today's visit is much more interesting than the usual class. We saw a real wind turbine. The electricity it generates is called green energy!"

Under the guidance of the Mayor of Assac, Charlotte and the Mayor visited the hiking trail - From Wind Farm to Windmill. Mayor Vigroux said with pride, "With the total length of 6 kilometers, this hiking trail is the first one that can walk through our small city. It traverses time and space, connecting the ancient windmill on the riverside with the modern wind farm."

When meeting fellow tourists on the hiking trail, Mayor Vigroux cordially greeted people and said to the host, "This hiking trail has brought new life to the town. I didn't expect that this industrial tourism project opened up by the wind farm can attract so many tourists!", She also introduced to Charlotte that CGNEE participated in the development of the hiking trail of "From Wind Farm to Windmill", and wholly sponsored the instruction board of how wind turbine works.

Mayor Vigroux also specially introduced that the local Office de Tourisme Vallé du Tarn &Mont d’Albigeois has incorporated Assac wind farm into the local "industrial tourism" promotion project. This summer, two public visits with the theme of "Exploring Wind Farms" will be held jointly with local government and CGNEE. "Office de Tourisme Vallé du Tarn &Mont d’Albigeois will be in charge of the promotion and advertisement of these two events. As an industrial tourism project, Assac wind farm will certainly attract more people to visit. " The Mayor said confidently.

In the Visual Open Day video, Charlotte came to the home of Louis Cabot, the owner of "Ferme de Bontemps" in Assac town. He told Charlotte that the wind farm is near his own farm. He has always paying close attention to renewable energies and supporting the wind farm. "Wind turbine is just like other renewable energy technologies, if one-day oil runs out, it can fill the energy gap.

In addition to the development of green energy, CGNEE has always been concerned about the protection of environment and biodiversity. “For bird protection, we have installed monitoring and sound warning equipment. According to the real-time monitoring of bird species, distance and flight patterns, we can judge the risk of collision, so as to start the warning equipment." Chris Francois, an environmental expert of CGNEE, introduced to Charlotte.

At the end of the day's visit, Charlotte Bouteloup learnt a lot. She told her audience, "renewable energy is destined to be the future of our planet, pollution-free and greenhouse gas free! I plan to go back to Paris and make a call to my old friend Leonardo DiCaprio. I can make a movie about the story of wind turbine... "

CGNEE always adheres to the combination of clean energy development and fulfillment of social responsibilities, actively integrates into local communities, strives to work on biodiversity, and achieves the goal of co-construction, sharing and mutual benefit with operating sites. Up to now, CGNEE has a total installed capacity of 2.4GW, and its main business includes the development, construction and operation and maintenance of wind power and solar power and other renewable energy projects. In 2020, the company’s on-grid electricity exceeded 5 billion kWh, which can provide electricity to 2 million European households, this is also equivalent to planting more than 13,000 hectares of trees.