CGNEE Donates to Fight Against the Epidemic

Create Date:2020-06-10  【 Big Normal Small 】

During the COVID-19 epidemic, CGNEE provided electricity to many countries and generated approximately 1.7 billion kWh in the first quarter of this year, fulfilling its corporate responsibilities and obligations to help local epidemic prevention and economic revitalization plans.


Facing the epidemic, medical resources are extremely scarce all over the world and frontline medical workers are in urgent need of medical supplies. CGNEE took the initiative to donate 15,000 N95 masks to the Paris Public Hospital Group (AP-HP). Huang Yuanzheng delivered the valuable materials to two hospitals of the French Public Hospital Group for the treatment of patients with Coronavirus.

In addition, CGNEE donated 6,566,000 CFA francs (equivalent to 10,000 EUR) to Senegal, Africa where CGNEE owns a photovoltaic power plant. The donation is used to purchase 7.5 tons of rice and 4.8 tons of sugar, which can meet the needs of hundreds of families with financial difficulties for at least one month.