Business Scope

With the 30 years of cooperating experience of CGN with European companies in the energy sector, CGNEE is committed to the investment, development, construction and operations in non-nuclear clean energy projects; acquiring the advanced technologies and concepts in the fields of non-nuclear clean energy, energy conservation and low carbon emission projects; providing services for the cooperation between China and Europe in energy and trade sectors; and fulfilling our responsibilities as the general representative for CGN in Europe.




A developer in the clean energy sector, such as renewable energy, gas-fired power, clean coal energy and electricity-power transmission and sales.


An investor in high-tech sectors, such as the clean, green, and low-carbon emission technologies, energy conservation technologies and smart grid management.


A service provider for the economic and trade cooperation in energy sectors between China and Europe.

Existing Assets

14 Onshore Wind-farms

Acquired up to June 30th, 2015 in Europe.

3 Onshore Wind-farms

Acquired In United Kingdom, which are developed, constructed and operated by EDF Energy Renewable in December, 2014.

11 Onshore Wind-farms

Acquired in different parts of France in February, 2015

1 Green Field Project

under Construction in Wales, 2015.

Power acquired in 2015

150 MW

Homes Provided


Power to acquired

by 2017