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Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce established a Representative Office in France

Recently, China Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) Representative Office in France is formally established, the CEO of CGNEE, Mr. LU Wei, is appointed General Representative.

Mr. LU Wei indicated that in order to help SGCC establishing a representative office in France, CGN Group created a consulting company based on its subsidiary CGN EE, prepared also a talent reserve and invited Mr. Yves de Gaulle, the grandson of General Charles de Gaulle to assume the role of special adviser. Mr. LU said, “the representative office of SGCC in France is designed to help small and medium enterprises in Shenzhen to go out and look for potential enterprises in Europe to carry out cooperation, reorganization and merger and acquisition. The most promising areas are European new technology, new energy, new materials and other high-tech areas”.

It’s reported that SGCC includes 100 enterprises with assets of over 10 billion RMB, more than 1700 large and medium member enterprises, more than 6000 small and medium enterprises that provide services, and it has also three national platforms: public service platform for Shenzhen small and medium enterprises, operation and monitoring platform for Shenzhen small and medium enterprises and public service platform for Shenzhen small and medium commercial and trade circulation enterprises.

As a forefront city of China’s reform and opening up policy, from a small fishing village, Shenzhen has transformed into a modern big city and created a miracle of urbanization, industrialization and modernization of the world. Shenzhen has the largest number of ports in China and it’s the unique Chinese city with sea, air and land ports. Shenzhen is one of China’s main gateways to the international communication, with a strong economic support and modern urban infrastructure, and ranked first in mainland cities in the Cities Competitiveness.

Shenzhen is also the largest immigrant city of China, that’s why this city has a welcoming and inclusive social culture, and people of Shenzhen admire adventurous and open spirit in commerce. Shenzhen businessmen had made an epoch-making pronouncement with unprecedented passion and courage, which is: Time is money, and efficiency is life.